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Who is the customer? How to strengthen customer relationship

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Who is the customer? How to strengthen customer relationship
– Himself
– Any company or firm
– State or Government
– God
– King
– Owner
“The Customer is always right”
“Customer is king”

Private sector banks have paid more attention to such innovative customer relationships. As long as the fact that satisfied customers are the main cornerstone of the bank’s development cannot be put into practice, the grievances against Nepal Bank will continue for years to come.

How to strengthen customer relationship?
1) To make the infrastructure of customer entry and escape rooms attractive.
2) Nepal Bank employees smile to remove public complaints that the customer is more irritable, angry, 3) Dealing with the customer with a smile (Service with smile),
4) Do not delay in giving accurate information from the customer,
5) Broadening the use of modern technologies to promote customer service: SMS Banking, E-banking, E-payment system, ATM etc.
6) Not ignoring “Customer Sovereignty”,
7) Copy the customer service promotion practices adopted by private sector banks, (Learning from best practices).
8) To manage the grievances and suggestions of the customers immediately by arranging the customer suggestion box,
9) Arranging training for employees for the purpose of strengthening customer relations,
10) Motivate to improve customer relationships,
11) Immediately alert and take necessary action against employees who disrupt customer relations.

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