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What is a plan? Its importance in Nepal and the national strategies of the Fifteenth Plan

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What is a plan? Mention its importance in Nepal and write the national strategy of the Fifteenth Plan.


The plan is a systematic outline of the program to achieve the objective in a timely manner by mobilizing the available resources and means for the overall development of the country.
Russia is the first country to start planned economic development. Russia began planned development in 1928 with a program called Papatileka.
B.Sc. in Nepal. The first five-year plan came in 2013 BS. So far, 14 periodical plans have been implemented and the basis of the 15th plan has also been received.
The plan contains the basic elements including purpose, goal, priority.
Importance of planning in Nepal

To reduce poverty
To economic growth and development
To end unemployment and semi-unemployment
To maximize resource mobilization
To develop the country in a balanced manner
To eliminate economic inequality
To make maximum use and mobilize foreign aid
To promote social justice
To expand internal and external trade.
National Strategy of Fifteenth Plan

To achieve rapid, sustainable and employment oriented economic growth
To ensure accessible and quality health care and education
To develop internal and inter-country affiliation and sustainable city / settlement
To increase production and productivity
To provide full sustainable, productive social security and protection
To build a just society with poverty alleviation and economic and social equality
To conserve and mobilize natural resources and develop upliftment
To strengthen public service, territorial balance and national unity.

It is a blueprint for the balanced development of the country Vs. No. By 2079, from least developed countries to developed countries and No. Achieving Sustainable Development Goals in 2087 The Fifteenth Plan has already come up with strategies to assist in the implementation of the long-term key to reach the developed nations by 2100. If the above-mentioned strategy can be implemented, the national goal of prosperity will be achieved.

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