customer relation
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Who is the customer? How to strengthen customer relationship

Who is the customer? How to strengthen customer relationship– Himself– Any company or firm– State or Government– God– King– Owner“The Customer is always right”“Customer is king” Private sector banks have paid more attention to such innovative customer relationships. As long as the fact that satisfied customers are the main cornerstone of the bank’s development cannot […]

bafia 2073 nepali
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Arrangements regarding the meeting of the Board of Directors of banks and financial institutions

Board of Directors meeting (1) The Board of Directors shall meet at least twelve times in a year. However, the difference between the two meetings shall not exceed sixty days. (2) If at least one third of the directors make an open written request including the issues to be discussed in the meeting, the chairperson […]

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बैँक तथा वित्तीय संस्थाको सञ्चालकको पदावधि, सञ्चालकको योग्यता र स्वतन्त्र सञ्चालकको योग्यता सम्बन्धी जानकारी

सञ्चालकको पदावधि ः(१) सञ्चालकको कार्यकाल नियमावलीमा उल्लेख भए बमोजिम बढीमा चार वर्षको हुनेछ र निज पुनः नियुक्ति तथा मनोनित हुन सक्नेछ । तर स्वतन्त्र सञ्चालक एक कार्यकालका लागि मात्र नियुक्त हुन सक्नेछ । (२) उपदफा (१) मा जुनसुकै कुरा लेखिएको भए तापनि यो ऐन प्रारम्भ भएपछि नियुक्त भएको कार्यकारी अध्यक्ष वा प्रबन्ध संचालक लगातार दुई […]

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Formation of board of directors of banks and financial institutions and appointment of directors in Nepal

(1) A bank or financial institution shall have a board of directors consisting of at least five and at most seven directors.(2) The appointment of the operator shall be made by the general meeting of the bank or financial institution subject to this Act and Rules. So, –(A) The operator shall be appointed by the […]