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Compare motorbike insurance

There were almost 1.3 million motorcycles on the road in 2018. If yours is one of them, finding affordable, high-quality insurance will be among your top priorities.  
Whether you’re buying your first bike or upgrading to your dream machine, comparing motorcycle insurance providers may help you save on your premiums.

Motorbike insurance policies for your type of bike

Here’s a quick look at the main types of motorbike and how they tend to measure up in costs for insurance providers. Different providers will have different guidelines on the types of bikes they will insure. Specialist insurance providers may be required to insure certain motorbikes that have modifications.

Moped and scooter
A moped or scooter is usually cheap to buy and insure, but premiums will be more expensive if it’s a first bike for someone under 25, as insurance providers consider this a high-risk age group.
One individual riding a motorbike with a passenger on the side.
Sports bike
These high-performance bikes built with speed in mind can be more expensive to insure than other motorbikes on the market. Make sure you compare insurance quotes to find a deal that suits you.

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